SWESIAQ is an independent and non-profit making association. The society is multidisciplinary with the aim to increase the knowledge concerning indoor environment and health, through co-operation between scientists and practitioners within e.g. medicine, chemistry, microbiology and engineering. SWESIAQ is a national chapter of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate, ISIAQ.

Among SWESIAQ members are formed interdisciplinary working groups producing documents to serve as advices in indoor air matters. One of these documents is The SWESIAQ Model - our advice on how to perform an effective, systematic and democratic indoor environment investigation. The SWESIAQ Model was presented at the Healthy Buildings conference in Lublin 2017. Two documents in English: The SWESIAQ Model - Extended abstract and The SWESIAQ Model - Presentation, can be downloaded by a click on the links.

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The other parts of the SWESIAQ homepage are not translated into English. If you are interested in our activities, please send an email to ordforande@swesiaq.se

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